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Emergency "JFC" Loans for Small Businesses in Japan impacted by Corona COVID-19 Virus

After a 10 + year bull run in global markets, crises like the current coronavirus scare have business owners suddenly thinking more about business solvency, cash flow, and "risk management" strategies. Some goods news, The Japanese government and the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) have recently rolled out new assistance measures for small to medium-sized businesses that are suffering because of the COVID-19 virus. Listed below we have provided links and advice for contacting the JFC should your business need emergency assistance.

The importance of emergency loans for small businesses

Firstly, you must consider why you need a loan. Generally, emergency loans are used to keep critical business operations and functions going, and to retain staff. If your business has specific items, equipment or staff that have been impacted by the virus then it is extremely important to apply for government assistance if it is possible. This situation will be resolved but the impact on the economy is unknown and small businesses are especially vulnerable.

You will need a Japanese speaker who understands your business situation to call and start the process. These types of emergency loans are unsecured. There is no up-front deposit required.

New Frame KK can support with consultation, decision making, and the application process including questions such as:

Do I qualify?

How much can i get?

How much do i need?

How much should I get?

What are the terms and liabilities?

Applying for the JFC loan

You will need the following items:

1: Application Form.

2: Registry Certificate for your business.

3: Tax payment certificates for your previous two tax filings.

4: Tax returns and financial statements for the previous two years.

On their English web page of the JFC, there is no information about the Covid-19 business loan, but on the front of the Japanese page, they have all the information listed.

Here are the links:

JFC Small Business Loan for companies hit by the Corona Covid 19 Business:

For other insights see our recent post on "Managing a business in times of uncertainty".

Free Consultation:

If you have any questions on how to prepare for this Covid-19 crisis, we are offering a free phone consultation that will outline what you need to consider and how to manage your company.

You can contact New Frame K.K. via email for a consultation:

Chris can be contacted directly via email at:

Chris Ellis

Senior Partner

New Frame K.K.


Japan Finance Corporation Website:

The Japan Times. (2020, March 8) Abe unveils zero-interest loan plan for virus-hit small businesses in Japan. Retrieved from The Japan Times.

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